Âmago Guesthouse

Âmago Guesthouse

Hidden in the heart of the Algarve, Âmago is a modern day’s retreat embracing the essence of slow living. A place inspired by the Algarve’s traditional aesthetics, with peace and relaxation at its core.

Imagine a peaceful space, surrounded by nature, that is more than a guesthouse; it’s a lifestyle. Every morning you can feel the slow pace of dawn, the beauty of our gardens and the majesty of our tall trees standing as silent witnesses to the joy of tranquillity.

Six unique bedrooms, each a page in the story of our guesthouse. They’re not just rooms; they’re living expressions of the Algarve’s spirit.

With the help of local artists, every corner of Âmago is a reflection of Portuguese heritage, allowing you to embrace life where the essence of a slow, beautiful lifestyle is yours to discover.

Âmago Guesthouse

SB58 Caminhos das Alfarrobeiras, 8005-502 Santa Bárbara de Nexe



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