Conversas de Alpendre

Conversas de Alpendre

A porch is a privileged meeting point for heartfelt talks. In family, with friends, or with a loved one. In it we found inspiration for the name of a rural tourism that we believe will be a topic of conversation for many good reasons. This is how we welcome you to this hidden hideaway retreat in the Eastern Algarve, with a wide view of the sea and only 2 km from the best beaches in the world. Where the temperature is warm throughout the year, and silence and comfort, charm and friendship, flavours and stars, will make you feel the true soul of the Algarve. At Conversas de Alpendre our goal is to provide you unforgettable moments. The first of all is the breakfast, filled with organic products from our own farm and our neighbours’: farm eggs, regional bread, homemade honey and jams, yogurt and fresh curd, fruits and natural juices, all the other flavours that every season suggests. With the energy restored after a well-rested night, time opens up to countless activities and experiences throughout the year. These are some we selected for you. But if you want to challenge us, we are always ready to talk about new suggestion

Conversas de Alpendre

Estrada de Santa Rita nº 36, Vila Nova de Cacela, 8900-059 Vila Nova de Cacela


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