Memmo Baleeira

Memmo Baleeira

Memmo Baleeira has got a relaxing, contemporary atmosphere of design, this 4-star hotel has everything you need for a weekend breaks from your daily routine or for a few days of holiday retreat in the beautiful town of Sagres.

The resort’s 144 rooms and family-friendly suites, with views over the sea and over the Baleeira harbour, provide you with allt the comfort of the Memmo unforgettable bed and our fully equipped rooms.

At Memmo Baleeira you will find our Memmo Rooms and Memmo Suites, one or two bedrooms.

You can choose between frontal sea view (sea view from the room),
partial sea view (sea view from the balcony) and land view (no view).

At Memmo Fornaria restaurant all happens around our wood oven! A menu of Mediterranean flavours where regional products are presented in a simple but tasty way. Enjoy our fresh homemade pizzas or our regional oven dishes. The atmosphere is warm, in shades of brown, standing out the vintage chairs of the old Baleeira Hotel. A full wine list is available with suggestions from various regions of Portugal.

Memmo Baleeira

Sítio da Baleeira, 8650-357 Sagres



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